I think creating a gallery wall collage can be intimidating if you don’t know the tricks. You can make an really awesome one, even if your frames an items are all completely different. I was recently asked by Micheals (this post is sponsored and contains affiliate links) to use some of their items from their Savannah collection to make a gallery wall. This collection is exclusive to Micheals, and are easy to mix and match to make your own custom gallery wall collage!

How to create a collage gallery wall using a magic square or rectangle

I’m going to share how-to with you, using a few very simple tricks and tips!

How to lay out a gallery wall collage using frames

I started by laying out  the frames I wanted to use from the collection. To personalize it, I pulled some of the frames and added in some of my own artwork and items.

Lay out a collage gallery wall on the floor first before hanging on the wall

I also played with the arrangement  bit. Even with clients, I always work it out on the floor first before any nail, screw or sticky hanger goes up.

I like to use what I call the “magic square” (or rectangle) technique. Imagine all of your items have to fit in the inside of a certain size square or rectangle. Put your focus piece in the middle and arrange from there.

Use a magic square or rectangle to create a collage gallery wall. As long as it all fits even in teh shape, you can mix and match and build your grouping

It really helps figure out the bigger puzzle, because really, that’s what a collage wall is. A big puzzle.

Make a gallery wall with these simple steps

I changed it a few times until I decided on my focus piece and then built around that, and worked out my pattern. You can see from my first two layouts, they were quite different.

For my focus piece, I added an empty frame of my own, and a vintage brass 5 in the center and  built around that. Gallery walls can contain artwork, personal photos, or even a combination of the two. I used my own artwork (with the exception of the Peony Love canvas), real feathers from the craft store, and prints in my gallery wall collage. For even spacing, it’s important to pick one size. I kept about 2 inches of space around all of my items no matter their size or shape.

I am pretty happy with how it turned out!

I circled all of the items below  you can find at Michaels, in case you are interested in grabbing some for yourself!

Itesm to creat a creative colalge gallery wall

  1. Savannah window collage frame  2. Turquoise wash frame 3.Peony Love artwork canvas 4. White rustic frame

5. Large rusted key  6.Savannah wood  frame with blue fillet 7. Terra Cotta Savannah frame

  8. and 9. are vases from their coastal collection, but they don’t sell them on-line from what I can tell.

Collage gallery wall with frames

I went with a kind of boho feather and color theme. For the top picture in a blue frame,I took real feathers and glued them on paper with hot glue and a swish of gold paint. Super easy and cute!

Create a collage gallery wall by mixing frames

Fresh flowers in a glavanized container looks pretty as a creative vase idea

I had a galvanized pail that’s actually for office supplies, and loved the idea of having real flowers in my collage gallery wall. They didn’t last more than a few days, even in a hidden cup of water, but they looked pretty while they lasted.

Collage gallery wall with fun boho decor

How to make a collage gallery wall with color and texture

I used a bookcase as my anchor, and had fun styling that too.

Simple styled boho bookcase shelfie idea

 It was fun to add in color and natural elements.

Book case styling idea with boho decor

These are some of my favorite books, and I love the colors for this project!

The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes

The Inspired Room: Simple Ideas to Love the Home You Have

Foraged Flora: A Year of Gathering and Arranging Wild Plants and Flowers

Boho book stack new bohemians,the ipired room,foraged flora

You can make your own easy as 1-2-3 gallery wall collage using the Savannah collection from Michaels. And,you can also use a 40% off coupon for your next visit!

I hope you are ready to tackle your own gallery wall collage!!

You can learn more about the display rules of 1-2-3 here , or how to use the tools that stores use of merchandising and display in your own home!


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