Hey all! There’s been some great progress in the bathroom makeover this week and now I can’t wait to get my hands on some projects in here. 
I’ll share the tile options I’m looking into first and then where we’re at with the room at the end of the post.  If you remember, I shared the latest update (the new tub, plumbing fixes and lighting updates) a couple weeks ago: 
Bathroom makeover progress
I can’t even believe how much better it looks already! But first, the next step is tiling the floor. I’m so excited to get this done and want to do it soon (I may start this weekend) because having the floor done means we can get the toilet back in and get it somewhat functional again. 
Then we can build the vanity and get the majority of this room done! So I need to make a decision on the tile ASAP. 
I’ve visited three stores now to get ideas and I’m sharing some of my favorites with you (and one that I didn’t even think would be an option but looks awesome!). I’ll share where I found each one, the name and price under each photo in case you want to check out any for yourself. 
I’m looking into gray tile but want a dark gray (and it’s proving harder to find than I thought). There are a ton of gray options but most are lighter. I really liked this concrete looking porcelain but it’s a little too industrial feeling for me: 
Concrete looking tile
Cityside Gray Tile, Lowe’s
1.99 square foot
This looks so much like concrete right? 
I loved the color of this one! It is a good contender and the price is great, but it has little sparkles all over it. If it didn’t have those I’d probably be using it: 
Dark gray stone-looking tile
Galvano Charcoal, Lowe’s
$1.99 square foot
This is the tile we used in our basement bathroom and I LOVE it: 
Light gray tile
Leonia Silver, Lowe’s 
The price is RIGHT. I’m bummed though because they had a darker version back when we installed it in the basement. Now they only have this and a sand color. Whaa waaaa. It is a beautiful tile though, at a great price!
Here it is in the basement: 
Bright basement bathroom
I LOVE this next one, even though it’s a bit lighter than I wanted. It so similar to my favorite one, but lighter. I love the linen look: 
Light gray linen tile
Silver Strand, Home Depot
$3.16 per tile (actually a good price since it’s priced per tile)
I really like this one — it’s on my short list. It looks like slate but doesn’t have the variation in height like slate does. It’s on the higher end of what I’ve been looking at (but still a good deal):
Dark gray tile Home Depot
Montauk Black, Home Depot
$2.99 square foot
I’m guessing when sealed it will be even darker, and that’s my hesitation. It would probably go black instead of dark gray. 
I wish I loved this one more because it is a steal! It’s on sale for super cheap right now: 
Light gray tile Lowe's
Vista Harbor Gray, Lowe’s 
$1.20 square foot
I bought one to bring home just to see if it worked because it’s such a good deal: 
Trying out gray tiles
It’s a beautiful tile but just not what I want in here. I am going simpler and want a more solid color. 
I found this one too, and really, really like it, but the price is way more than the others: 
Dark gray tile
Cinza Escuro, The Tile Shop
$5.49 square foot
Thing is, this isn’t a big space. I could splurge a little and it still wouldn’t be much. 
I found the one I LOVE a few weeks ago and after all the looking it’s still a favorite. I’m thinking I would go with the darkest gray: 
Linen looking tile in grays
Linho tile, The Tile Shop
$2.99 square foot
Gosh I love those. 
So I found an option at Home Depot I wasn’t really looking into, but it looks GOOD. It’s a vinyl product made to look like tile: 
Allure vinyl tile
Allure Linen Charcoal vinyl, Home Depot
$2.29 square foot
Man, the price is great and I love the look of it. My only hesitation is if it can be installed directly up again the next piece. They sell grout you can use with them but I tried something similar in our mud room years ago and the grout did not hold up well. 
Have any of you tried this product? I’d love to hear your thoughts. It looks as though it’s a click and lock install so I can’t imagine there would be any need for grout. 
So there you go! My favorites are toward the end of the list as you can tell. 🙂 I’m going to make a decision soon — I’m definitely leaning darker. I think it will look great with the stained vanity and the white trim in the room. 
Here’s an update of the progress so far! If you remember, this is where we started: 
Two room bathroom updates
You can read more on the mini makeover I did in here last year. 
Then I went ahead and took down the wall by myself: 
How to take down a wall yourself
Here it is after the tub surround was taken out and the new window was framed in:
Adding pony wall in bathroom

 And here it is today! The walls have been finished out and plumbing for the second sink was run:

Removing wall in bathroom

Taking down separating wall in bathroom
Next up I need to get that window ordered (I cannot wait for the day that goes in!!) and this weekend I hope to start the tiling. It shouldn’t take too long. (Famous last words…) 
After that I can work on the new vanity and get the plumbing hooked back up. We need to have the vanity light changed to two separate lights and then I’ll move forward with my plan for the wall behind the mirror. More on that soon! 
Let me know if you’ve tried that vinyl tile — I’m intrigued! 

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