Hey there! Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend! We had so much fun. With our activities this weekend I didn’t get a whole lot of DIY done and it was wonderful. 🙂 
I had to laugh as I walked through our house yesterday afternoon…it seems that literally no matter what room I’m working on, the rest of the house goes to crap. I mean it — I am simply unable to keep up with room makeover and keep the house somewhat picked up. Lately this is because of the upstairs bathroom redo. 
I’ve known this for years now. I thought it would be different when the room I’m working on is one of the smallest in our house and I can even close the door and totally ignore it all, but no. It hasn’t made a difference at all. It’s a phenomenon I can’t explain. 🙂 
Because I know it can get discouraging at times to see all the totally put together spaces on blogs and social media, I decided to show you our house as it is right now. I only cleaned up trash, because gross. Otherwise this is how these spaces look right this second. I spared you the worst messes (the basement is a total disaster right now) but this gives you a taste of our house at the moment. 
I have to laugh when I see perfectly lovely nightstands because that’s just not the norm in our master bedroom. I at least clear them off when I take photos: 
DIY tufted headboard
But this is the norm. Stacks of books and magazines and random stuff. Usually there’s a few water bottles on there but I did clear those off: 
dark paneled accent wall
We bought that back massager (on the floor) at our local home show and it is AMAZING. It is perfect for my lower back. I’ll have to find it online and share with you sometime. 
And of course…the bed isn’t made. 😉 But my excuse today is that I’m washing the sheets. (I have no excuse for all the other days.)
I’ve made it a goal for our home that every room is used. Our living room isn’t a “fancy” room — it actually has the comfiest couch in the house: 
neutral sofa in living room
Easter hit this weekend and it has stayed. And those eucalyptus leaves are at least three weeks old and quite crunchy: 
round glass and metal coffee table
Our stairs pretty much always have stuff on them so they rarely look like this:
Stained wood stairs
I bought this storage basket for the stairs last year and it really does help. Until you ignore it for the last 50 or so trips up the stairs: 
Black accent wall
You can see the pile on the basement stairs too. This is a constant, but usually it’s at least contained to the basket. 😆 And you can fit a TON of stuff in there too, so this part is going to take longer to clean up.
Our office/craft room actually stays pretty organized most days: 
DIY tall desk with storage
That is till a renovation happens in a nearby room and taxes hit at the same time: 
DIY desk area real life
See those little pink paper flowers on the corner of the chalkboard? And how most of them are gone now? One of our cats picks a couple off a week, bats them around, I put them back up, she does it again and then they disappear. I’m sure I’ll find 20 of them under a bed one day. 
The window seat in this room has become the drop zone for everything that was in our son’s bathroom. This is how it usually looks: 
Window seat with storage inside
But this is it now. For only having one cabinet in that bathroom, we sure did have a lot of stuff in there: 
Real life messes
The giant Pikachu? He’s just a bonus. My son moves him from room to room. 🙂 
And finally, we have the only space in our house I’d consider a hallway — and it’s tiny. Because you can’t see what’s on the floor when you come up the stairs it’s become another dropping point for the bathroom stuff. Here is the book nook hallway on a good day: 
Book nook from closet
And here is is right now. You can see another pile of bathroom stuff in the guest room too: 
How to make a book nook
Seriously, where did all of it go in that room before? It’s funny to see how much we actually had in such a small space. 
I know some of you will look at these and say these messes are nothing. But I didn’t show you the basement. 😉 And no, I don’t think they’re anything awful, but they are real life. 
I don’t freak out about messes. The house has been like this for a few weeks now because we’ve been off living life and having fun. I do get to a point when I get annoyed with it though…and that point is now. 
I need to find a spot for the bathroom stuff (that little hallway will be where I put everything till the room is done), but otherwise the rest are fast clean ups. Although the stairs are intimidating me. I can tackle most of these messes quickly today. But we’ve let our garage get piled up lately so I’ve been working on that first. 
I love our home and think even with the messes it’s pretty. A lot of them make them feel more like home to me — I always want people to feel at home, relaxed and never be afraid to have fun in our home. Lately we’ve been doing a lot of that. 🙂 I think it’s important as a decor blogger to take a minute sometimes to share how things look away from the perfect shots.

from Thrifty Decor Chick http://www.thriftydecorchick.com/2017/04/our-house-right-now.html