The tile guy was able to start a day early on our white subway tile, so I’m super excited! Some one in Illinois had asked me for his contact info. If you’re interested, please PM me through my Facebook page.

This is something I could have done myself, but it would have taken me 2 days to do what he did in 4 hours. Plus, it was like magic watching him cut the angles. He’d look at it, mark it, and it fit like a glove. It’s so impressive to watch a tradesman do his work. We have lived in this house for almost 17 years, and the entire time, I’ve dreamed of having a real backslash. The beadboard was great for a while (8 years!), but there is something about very cleanable and bright about tile that makes me happy.

White subway tile installation

 I took very quick snaps with my phone when he went out to make cuts, so I wasn’t in his way. I apologize that these pictures are complete crud-buckets, but I wanted to make sure I grabbed something for you  to share the progress.

Kitchen with white subway tile installation in progress

It’s crazy how once he finished a section, the entire kitchen started change, and brighten up.

White subway tile installation

I cannot tell you how beside myself excited I am . He just finished the other wall(behind the stove), and will be back tomorrow to grout. I picked a light gray called Whisper Gray. So it’s not as dramatic as our bathroom tile downstairs, but not totally light, like white grout would be.

I felt like I was getting a little tired of my wood countertops. I love the butcher block, but I was craving change. Now, I love them even more. They are so warm looking,and I love how they look next to the white subway tile. I’ll take proper picture over the weekend, throw in a few bowls of fruits and flowers, and style it up properly for you!

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