Hey all! First of all, thank you so very much for your kind words on my Design Dash reveal earlier this week! I’m so happy with it and thrilled you like it too. If you missed it, go to that link and if you vote you will be entered for $15,000 in free furniture!
Sooo I’m finally back at it with the bathroom makeover and I’m getting excited — there should be some MAJOR progress to share next week. I’m giddy. Stay tuned. Now I’m working on the trim next. You guys were so helpful on the tile sealer last week (I’ll share that soon) so I’m sharing my latest conundrum. 
I’m stuck on this one and it’s had me at a standstill for the past few days! Ten+ years ago I added some basic beadboard to the old “front” part of the room: 
Beadboard walls in bathroom
I didn’t keep it going to the back room because you really couldn’t see it anyway. Now I’m trying to decide if I want continue the beadboard or do something different. 
I definitely want to do something on the wall — because, hello, I’m the trim queen. I want lots white next to the dark floors anyway, and bright white wall moldings just make a room feel so crisp to me. I LOVE them. 
So now I just can’t decide what I want the wall treatment to look like. I’m rarely stuck on a room renovation (because I figure out most of it beforehand) but this one has me going back and forth. Originally I was going to just extend the beadboard because that’s easiest. But now I’m considering the board and batten look too:
Classic board and batten look bathroom

It’s so fresh. So good. I wouldn’t go that high with it, like I did in our family room, but it would still look amazing against the wall color.

I think it looks especially great in bathrooms:

Tall, easy board and batten bathroom

Tall simple board and batten look
Ours would be lower, but it would still look awesome. 
I’ve also been wanting to add trim like this to our home for years — I just adore it: 
Square trim design on walls
But I feel like it could go a little modern for this space. Decisions, decisions! That one wall will make a big impact in here so I want to get it right!
But beadboard is always a classic as well. It just has a slightly more cottagey feel and I’m not sure I want that in this room:
Classic beadboard bathroom

Dark gray beadboard bathroom
And of course you can’t go wrong with a paneled or shiplap look: 
Planked wood walls in bathroom

But because I have this look right outside that room I don’t think I want to go that route:

How to add shiplap walls for cheap
(See more of how to do shiplap for cheap and the farmhouse style door trim here!)
Of course I’ve considered combining two looks like I did in the powder room:
Shiplap walls in bathroom
Maybe continuing the beadboard and then adding a board and batten look over it? I am leaning in that direction. 
You can’t go wrong with any of them really! They add all that pop of crisp white that I want for this space — it will look fantastic against the new dark tile. 
I only really have the one long wall to address so it won’t be a huge project. I’ll also add it behind the toilet but the pony wall will be plain. I need to make a decision because I’m starting on the door trim today. šŸ™‚ 
What is your favorite wall treatment in a bathroom?
P.S. Wood trim is fine in a bathroom as long as it’s caulked and painted well. And I recommend using real wood, not MDF, in a bathroom. MDF usually does fine if painted well (it held up beautifully for years in our kitchen!) — but the area near the shower will get more water. 

from Thrifty Decor Chick http://www.thriftydecorchick.com/2017/05/bathroom-next-steps-which-wainscoting.html