Hey there! Sorry for the silence here yesterday — I was sleeping off my sickness for most of the day and then had some end of the year activities at our son’s school. I’m finally feeling better after a week of yuck and am so thankful! 
I’m back today with a tip that kind of blew my mind a bit. I learned it years back from a woman I know who cleans houses. I tried it and couldn’t even believe how well it worked. 
I think the number one comment I get when I share our kitchen is about how clean our fridge is. It cracks me up that that’s what gets the most questions of anything I’ve done in here — I get asked all the time how I keep our fridge so clean: 
Chalkboard wall in kitchen
Well first of all, photos are very forgiving. So what looks clean in a lot of pics really doesn’t look that great up close. But usually it’s clean because of this simple tip. Whenever I tell my cleaning secret, people are always surprised.
I’ve tried home remedies (olive oil or oils of any kind are such a mess), expensive cleaners — just about everything. But this is the one thing that works every time, with no mess, and it’s FREE. 
Our fridge wasn’t too bad to share this before and after, but there were some smudges: 
EASY way to clean stainless steel
Most of our messes on the fridge are around the handle: 
How to clean stainless steel the easy way
Here’s what I use…get ready for it…
I get a rag or towel wet and wipe down the messy areas: 
Simplest way to clean stainless steel
Make sure you go with the direction of the “grain” in the stainless.
And then you just dry/buff it well. Make sure it’s completely dry and you’re done: 
Easiest way to clean stainless steel
Works every single time. No goo. No costly cleaners. Takes a couple minutes and you’re done. 
Mind blown, right? I know. Me too. It works: 
Large chalkboard in kitchen
I use this method on our dishwasher and oven as well. Make sure to use a soft cloth! I always use a dish towel or microfiber cloth. And as I mentioned, get all of the water off. So simple though! 
Have you tried this method to clean your stainless steel? It works better than anything I’ve tried. 
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