Hey there! I’m back today to show you the color I’ve been decorating with a lot lately. A year or so ago if you had asked if I’d use pink in my house I’d emphatically tell you NO…but styles change over time and I’ve been craving the light freshness the color adds to a space. 
There are six of us in this house (if you count the animals) and the girls are outnumbered four to two. 😉 Lately I’ve enjoyed adding some feminine touches in the form of this pretty color and I LOVE it! It’s not too much that my husband has really even noticed…at least I don’t think. But it’s enough to make me happy. 
I actually started adding the first touches of pink in the house last year when I finished up the office/craft room makeover
DIY gift wrap station
At the time I thought this would me more of a space for just me, but it turns out my husband absolutely loves working up here instead of his office basement. Can’t say I blame him! 
When it was time to decorate in here I added some pink accessories and fell in love with them: 
So over the past six months or so I’ve picked up a few things here and there with pink in them. This throw is white and pink so it’s not in-your-face GIRL but still pretty: 
Decorating with pink touches
I’ve found pink works so well with the blues and gray colors I use throughout our house!
This blue and pink pillow was so perfect I couldn’t pass it up: 
Rolled arm chair

Blue and pink pillow
I found some striped candles at Target in early spring and added them to the built ins around the mantel: 
DIY built ins by TV
I also changed out the free printables that I had in the frames and searched specifically for floral prints with pink in them: 
Free printable art
Again, not tons of it, but little bits that make me happy. 
In the kitchen a few small items brighten up the space for spring and summer. Towels are such an easy and cheap way to add accent colors:
Adding touches of pink
I found this sign at Joann’s back in February — I loved the design and message. It’s so pretty above our stove: 
Decorating above stove
And I couldn’t resist this pretty pink candle at HomeGoods a couple months back: 
Decorating in the kitchen
I’ve been using a lot of pink florals too — tulips are a great way to bring in that girly color! 
“Blush” tones are a big in decor right now, but if you’re not ready for pink walls or furniture, you can definitely add some touches of it around the house without the men feeling uncomfortable. 😉 
As I mentioned, years ago I would have never used this in our home, but lately I’m in love with it. I also said I’d never use blue and look where I am now. 😂
Is there a color you never thought you’d use that you’ve fallen in love with? Have you added any pink around your home? 

from Thrifty Decor Chick http://www.thriftydecorchick.com/2017/06/tickled-pink.html