Hey hey! I’ve been hard at work on the bathroom reno and I can finally, sort of, kinda see the light. The last remaining big projects are finally getting finished up. I am SO pleased with this room…ahhhh, I cannot wait to show you!

So the part I’m working on now is an accent wall that I’m tiling in the bathroom and I struggled with what I was going to use. I KNEW for years that I wanted to do the cement tile look. I fell in love with it at least two years ago and have been planning to use it ever since.

But in that time it has become incredibly trendy. So trendy that I was really hesitating to use it. Would it go out of style too quick? Would I hate it in a few months? Would it look like every bathroom in blogland? I actually sat on this part of the reno for at least two months because I kept going back and forth.

But I finally decided, who the heck cares if it’s being use a lot? I LOVED the tile and the way it looks. I have for years…and I could care less if it’s “trendy.” I was going to use it. And I cannot even tell you how happy I am that I went for it. It’s sooooo good. (I’m not done yet so I’ll show you soon. I’ll share the tile down below.)

It all got me thinking — what if I had chickened out? You’ll understand when you see it, that would have been a shame. I started thinking about so many of the recent decor trends of late and so how many of you might be hesitating to add one of them to your house.

I asked some blog friends to share their favorite trendy decor additions of late and I think you’ll agree, trends can be timeless. You can find links to these projects under each photo, be sure to check them out!

Wallpaper has made a big comeback lately, and if this wallpaper is wrong, I don’t want to be right:

blue and white wallpaper in bathroom
I mean, hello! That is gorgeous! I actually want it for a room now. πŸ˜‰ 
I talked about my love of pink earlier this week, and this “trendy” color looks so good on walls too:
blush pink walls in bedroom
I don’t see this pretty blush pink trend going anywhere soon — it’s so subtle and pretty. 
Dark walls are still trending but I consider them to be classic: 
dark gray walls

I’ve seen a lot of dark ceilings lately too — and this has to be one of the coolest:

dark blue star ceiling

I love how she brought the dark ceiling down on the walls a bit so it really looks like the sky. πŸ™‚

Gray cabinets and white subway tile are all over the place…but I love them!: 
gray cabinets white subway

Obviously subway tile has been around forever — this “trend” is timeless. And gray is the new neutral and one of my favorites.

The color aqua has been huge over the past few years. Shannon did what I almost did — she pulled back on her favorite color fearing it was too trendy. But she loves it! So it came back:

using aqua in decor

It’s such a pretty, happy color and I don’t blame her for bringing it back! Do what you want in your home…that’s the beauty and joy of decorating!

We all know and love barn doors…oh so trendy but they can be designed to fit in with any style:

DIY barn door tutorial

No longer are they just stained, traditional designs. Dark, light or color and made to fit in with farmhouse or modern decor — they fit in anywhere!

Ohh, the beloved shiplap. You know I love it. (Back in the day we called it “planked” walls.) They are clean and bright and I think this one is sticking around for awhile, love it or hate it:

white kitchen with white shiplap

white shiplap in laundry
white shiplap and brick wall bathroom
The thing about shiplap? The white walls allow you to reinvent the room with accent colors so easily. And it looks fantastic with wood tones. 😍 It looks great in color as well!
Of course there’s the reclaimed wood wall trend as well. I love it as an accent in a room: 
modern reclaimed wood wall

These walls are an update on the paneled walls we saw back in the 60’s and 70’s — maybe they’ll be torn down by the next generation, who knows? I just know they are warm and textural and I haven’t met one I didn’t like. πŸ™‚

My latest trendy addition that I hemmed and hawed over? The cement, patterned tile:

Home Depot ceramic cement tile
As soon as it came in the mail I knew. And then I put the first row up and I was sure I made the right decision. I’ve drooled over these for years because I love the look. Trendy or not…they are going up and look amazing!
This trend is all over right now! You can buy them or you can make your own — all of these were stencils that give the same look!:
DIY stencil office nook

DIY stenciled floor

DIY stenciled cement floor design

Amazing right? That last one was made with a custom stencil — I didn’t even know you could do that! So impressive. (And I spy a modern barn door!)

So there you go — a few of the biggest decor trends of late. All are beautiful and I believe all will stand the test of time. At least for this decade. πŸ˜‰

Have you hesitated to add something to your home because it was too trendy? Did you go ahead with it? MOST of these are easy to reverse if you get tired of it anyway. Walls aren’t hard to paint, shiplap can be taken down easily. Don’t be afraid to add what you love to you home!

Here are links to some similar projects in our home!

Shiplap and touches of aqua in the craft room/office in our loft

Dark gray shiplap fireplace (for less than $15)
DIY wood wall (for less than $50)

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