This weekend, we moved the coffee table upstairs, and I snapped some quick pictures of my current living room view.

It’s kind of a look at what a peek at how our living room looks on a daily basis. This is the one area I try to keep free of the kids clutter and junk, and keep it just an adult space. It’s not as bad as when they were little and there were giant plastic toys everywhere, but it really helps to set limits. I mentally need that space.

I have enough clutter with all of my own reading material.

Living room in boho electic living room

The fireplace is styled for a simple early summer. Last summer I had a lot more stuff in this room.

Casual electic living room

I like how it has  a simpler feel now.

We also moved the smaller love seat a extra seating from downstairs. I like the cozy feeling it gives.

I might be a bit of a book hoarder, but I love a beautiful book on a lazy day.

Front entry with book shelf and shoes

Still more books! It’s our staging area for library books. Last year I think we ended up owing about $385,000 in fines. Ok, maybe it was a bit less than that, but with all of the overdue books we had last year, those librarians should be able to get a raise.

We have girls in the home. We have lots of shoes.Even though they go up to their rooms, they are like bunnies that seems to replicate over night. I have tried various ways to corral them, or get them and keep them from spilling out across the front entry way. The one thing I have found that works the best is a giant metal bucket from Ikea. It’s cute and holds a lot of shoes.


Pink vase and hosta from the yard

When there aren’t any blooms, I love mixing the varieties of hosta from my yard.

Living room pink vase and chevron pillow in my current living room view

They add a nice contrast , and last quite a while.

Boho Living room chair

Thanks for joining me on this little, impromptu tour of my current living room view. I didn’t participate in any summer home tours at all this year. It was nice to have that break.




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