Well I’m finally DONE with the bathroom renovation!! I can’t tell you how happy I am to say that! I felt like this one went on for.e.ver. You may remember when I got a wild hair back in March and started the renovation by knocking down a wall one day. 
I guess it hasn’t even been four months though, not nearly as long as it felt like. 😉 Today I’m sharing before and after pics and later this week I’ll do a recap of all the projects and share all of the sources as well. So stay tuned for that! 
Without further ado, here is the finished bathroom — that I’m absolutely head over heels in love with!:
Incredible bathroom renovation reveal!
Let’s look at that again, shall we? Because grouting that wall about made me cry and I’m super proud of it: 
Bathroom makeover with wood vanity, vessel sinks and tile wall
I had this vision of an open wood vanity and that tile wall all along and it turned out even better than I hoped. I adore that wall. Such a statement! 

The following before photos are how the room looked before I painted the walls last year and these make for GREAT before and afters. 😂 What a difference! (To see how it looked when I repainted last year you can go here.)

Here’s the room before I knocked the wall down — it had a separation I hated because that back room was so cramped and dark:

Taking down a wall separating the bathroom
Here’s how that view looks now — the new window makes SUCH a big difference!: 
Bathroom reveal after knocking out a wall
I ended up keeping a pony wall when I knocked the wall down — and I’m so glad I did. It still gives a bit of privacy and breaks up the room just enough. We had a vent in that wall so we couldn’t go back all the way, but again I’m glad for that now:
Bathroom makeover with wood vanity and round mirrors
Here’s the best pic I could get of the shower room back in the day: 
Replacing a builder tub surround
Now it’s so much brighter and custom — the subway tile is everything. I mean, look at how pretty:
Drop in tub with subway tile
Here’s how the rooms were separated on this side:
Baby to boy bathroom renovation
And here it is now: 
Krypton paint color Sherwin Williams

You can see I didn’t go with a wall treatment like I planned — I just thought it would be too much with the tile in the room. I didn’t want it to get too busy.

This room was painted and decorated for our baby ten years ago, and now that baby is a little man!:

Before photos bathroom renovation
This room suits him and our guests so much better now: 
Knocking out a bathroom wall -- after
Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with this room? I walk in, turn on the lights and just stand in here quite often: 
dark gray 12x24 tiles
It is SO much bigger!
I had a niche added in the shower and it’s a perfect size for his needs: 
Niche in shower with cement tile
I didn’t add a whole lot to the room as far as decor. I kept these signs I made last year: 
wash your hands sign
And I’ll share the resources for everything else on Friday! 
Here’s one more before and after for you: 
bathroom makeover before photos

Modern farmhouse bathroom makeover

Can you even believe the difference?? I’m so extremely proud of this room — I did most of this renovation myself and it has to be one of my favorites. (Pretty sure I say that every single time.)
It is beautiful and I’m over the MOON it’s done! 
If you’d like to know about anything in particular please let me know! I’ll be sure to answer your questions in the next post. Thanks for hanging in there with me and waiting patiently for this reveal — most of you know it takes me awhile to finish these rooms because I do so much myself and we cash flow all of it. I will NOT miss working on this one though — all that tile wore me out! 🙂 

from Thrifty Decor Chick http://www.thriftydecorchick.com/2017/07/the-bathroom-renovation-is-done-and.html