Hey hey! First of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind comments you all left here and on social media about the bathroom renovation! I always appreciate that you take the time to comment, it means a lot to me. (If you missed it be sure to check out that post!)
I’m back today with a recap on everything that went into this room! As I mentioned, I did most of it myself. I had help with bigger stuff, but I did a ton in here. Let’s start from the beginning!
You can see how the room looked after I started knocking out the wall one day on a whim: 
How to remove a wall
I mean, not a whim…I had been planning this reno for YEARS because I’ve always hated that wall. But sometimes I just need to get the ball rolling so I’ll just get started and that’s what I did that day. I was giddy. 😉 
After that we had the tub removed so I could do a tiled shower: 
Taking down wall in bathroom
I’ll cover the sources for everything and costs at the bottom of the post!
I went with a beautiful dark gray tile in a 12×24 size and shared everything you need and how I installed it here
Montauk Black tile
I cover the pattern I used for the floor in that post as well. 
Next, one of my favorite parts! The new window in the shower!:
Dark gray 12x24 tile
I waited for years for that window and the natural light it brings in the room! LOVE IT. Big puffy heart. It made a big difference in here!
The vanity was one project many of you asked about. Years ago my Dad helped me build a potting bench and we used that same plan to build this one. You can see the DIY vanity instructions here
DIY bathroom vanity with open shelves
I ended up adding a few finishing touches to it and then shared how I stained it in this post
How to build your own bathroom vanity
Next up was the wall behind the sinks — my pride and joy. I’ve known for years I wanted to use this tile and it did not disappoint. It’s the Merola tile in Twenties Vintage from Home Depot: 
Home Depot Merola Tile Twenties Vintage
They have a black with white and a white with black — I went with the latter. I absolutely adore it. 
I used it in the niche in the shower as well: 
Cement tile niche in shower
The great thing about this tile is it’s made to look like cement tile, but it’s ceramic. So you don’t need to baby it quite as much as you would cement. It is fantastic! 
I shared how I gave the shower a custom look with double shower curtains (for cheap):
Subway tile shower
One reader suggested I hang the curtains from the grommets and I tried it — it looked great! I didn’t do that at first because I was afraid I’d see the hooks for the liner in between, but I hid them behind the curtain and it works perfectly. 🙂 
Now when I round it all up it doesn’t seem like as many projects as it FELT like. Goodness. 
We had a full nautical theme going in here for the past year and it was super cute, but this new design called the accessories to be toned down a bit. I fell in love with this sign at Hunt and Gather Goods and they graciously offered to send me one. It is SO beautifully made, I’m totally impressed and will be shopping their site in the future for sure: 
Bathroom fresh soap sign

Doesn’t it look so good in here? 
It came together beautifully and I am SO incredibly proud of this room. I just love it.
bathroom reno with tile wall and round mirrors
We did have plumbing for one more sink added as well the lights — if you’re handy with either one it’s not a super difficult project but I hired out for that.
I hope I answered all of your questions about the projects — let me know if I forgot about anything! Here’s a list of everything I used in the room…
Vanity: DIY project (linked above), $300 in materials
Sinks: Amazon (I believe they were $40 each)
Faucets: Lowe’s — make sure you get tall faucets! They are hard to find at an affordable price.
Mirrors: Stockholm mirror, IKEA ($99)
Tub: Lowe’s (I believe $215?)
Tile: Home Depot Merola Tile, Twenties Vintage in white ($200 for the amount I needed)
Lights: Lowe’s (already had the glass covers) 
Tile: Montauk Black, Home Depot ($150 for a 50 square foot room)
Subway tile: Lowe’s 
Trim kit for shower: (new handle and faucet) Lowe’s ($35 total) 
Window: special order from Lowe’s ($187)
Grout color for all tile: warm gray from Lowe’s 
Towel holders: Home Depot ($30)
Fresh soap sign: Hunt and Gather Goods 
Shower curtains: HomeGoods (window curtains) ($25)
Baskets under sinks: Target 
Soap dispensers: Target

from Thrifty Decor Chick http://www.thriftydecorchick.com/2017/07/the-new-bathroom-resources-and-project.html