Whoohoo! The cat is out of the bag! I’ve been dying to tell you all the news since I found out, but I had to keep quiet. 🙂 
I have to thank you all from the bottom of my heard for voting for me. I am truly, truly humbled and honored. All of the rooms were beautiful and I really didn’t think I had a chance of winning — I didn’t even have in mind when I did this event. I loved my room though. I mean, LOVED. I would take every bit of it and plop it all in my house. 
I have to tell you I’m so excited to win but what makes me even happier is that the room I started with was so simple. I mentioned before that I was a little concerned when we walked up to my space because it was by far the most “plain” — but now that’s what I’m most thrilled about. Yes, I had endless La-Z-Boy items at my disposal, but this transformation shows that with a few key pieces you can create a really beautiful, comfortable room: 
La-Z-Boy Design Dash event

La-Z-Boy Design Dash winner, Thrifty Decor Chick
You don’t need amazing architecture or soaring ceilings to make a beautiful space. 
I’ve said it before but this one the coolest events I’ve done in either one of my careers — blogging and my professional career before that. Could be the coolest. 😉 They treated us like gold and it really did put me out of my comfort zone and made me challenge myself. 

I’m not sure who the lucky winner of the $15K in furniture is just yet but when I find out I’ll be sure to share!

I tear up when I talk about my readers — I’m so thankful for you all and your support over the years. I’m honored you come back to read every week and love the relationships I have created with so many of you.

La-Z-Boy room with decor and furniture
If you missed my post about the whole Design Dash experience (I only had one hour to run around and find everything I wanted in the room — without knowing what it looked like!) you can read this post
Again, thank you so much for your support!! 

from Thrifty Decor Chick