If you haven’t heard it’s Amazon Prime Day! Some of you may know that I’m a lover of the Amazon and I love sharing the great deals or products that I find there. Those of you who are Prime members get amaaaazing deals today and it’s worth checking out. Since I’m trying to watch my spending this month I will live vicariously through all of you. 😉 
I’m sharing a few of my new, old and all time favorite items you can find on Amazon today. If you do not have a Prime account, you can go here to sign up for a free trial today! FREE! 
OK, let’s get started. Some of these you’ve seen before but I keep sharing them because I love them so much and I will not stop until every single on of you uses the Scrub Daddy sponges
Best sponges for cleaning dishes
Will. not. stop. I shared why I love them so much in this post. They are my absolute favorite and I will use them till the end of time. 😍 They scrub off everything, nothing gets stuck and they never smell! 
I’ve shared about the Dash buttons before too — check out this post to see how they work and what we use: 
Amazon dash buttons
Basically you just push the button and stuff comes to your house in a day or two. It’s amazing, we love them! They are normally $4.99 but we got ours on Prime day and today they’re all only a buck! Whoooooo! I SAVE when I use these because I’m not wondering through Target finding 55 other things I didn’t need. 
Tis the season for sitting outside under the pretty patio lights and getting eaten alive by the mosquitoes. My absolute favorite outdoor lights are available on Amazon as well — we have this version that is longer at about 48 feet each: 
The best outdoors lights
And they have a 30-foot version here
These are not your typical Target lights (as much as I love those) — they are heavy duty and we have been incredibly pleased with them. We leave them out (with bulbs) all winter and every single one works. No water gets in the bulbs — they are just fantastic. You can see more about them in this post and how we ultimately hung them here.  
How to hang outdoor lights
I got this basket for the stairs last year and it has been wonderful! Yes, we still have a bunch of crap sitting on the stairs, but at least it’s hidden in this cute basket!: 
Stair basket
I could have sworn I had a picture of it on the stairs but I can’t find it! Ours sits on the bottom step and I walk by it every day and drop stuff in. Admittedly I don’t take it UP the stairs and empty as much as I should, but it’s OK cause you can’t see all the crap! 
How to take carpet off of stairs
I have seen these little hobbies many times over the years and decided to try it earlier this year. It’s a little nail polish holder you put on your fingers, then place your polish inside while you’re painting your nails: 
Nail polish holder
It actually works! The rubber material holds it in place and makes it so much easier to access the polish. Love it. 
My favorite coffee table is from Amazon as well! It’s a Sauder glass coffee table with a gold finish
Inexpensive round glass coffee table
SUCH a great price! I still love it — it’s held up great! And I can’t believe how pretty it is for that price either. 
I use these little jobbies nearly every day. They are little rubber grippers that we use to open jars, or anything that’s hard to grip or open:
I keep one in a drawer by the sink and have also used on light bulbs that won’t budge, tools I need a better hold of, all kinds of stuff! 
These are another kitchen favorite. They are stretchy rubber covers that we use for small containers and cans. It allows you to keep food in the original container and still have a airtight seal: 
rubber covers for cans
I love them! They keep food sealed up tight and I don’t have to wash another container! 
And then of course, you can get get nearly all (if not all) of the supplies for a couple of my all time favorite DIY projects all on Amazon as well. I link to all of the supplies for the DIY tufted headboard at the end of the post: 
DIY tufted headboard tutorial
And the supplies for the upper and under cabinets lighting project were all found on Amazon! You can find the list and how I did it here
DIY accent lighting in kitchen
This lighting project is one of those that looks super intimidating but it’s not, I promise! And the result adds such a custom look. 
Remember, if you’re not a Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial here. Get yourself some Dash buttons! Love!! You can see a few more of my Amazon favorites in this recent post and this is my list from last year. Happy shopping! 
P.S. The Instant Pot pressure cooker everybody is raving about is on sale today for $40 off! Do you have one? Is it worth it??
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